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  1. Membership is limited to men who are over 18, who are attracted to men, and who have hair that "falls upon their shoulders" or is longer.
    Note: Unless your hair reaches your nips, we strongly suggest right now that you read our page "Definition of Longhair" before proceeding further with your application.
  2. You will be given a listing in the Gallery, which will show your face and a brief description of you, on pages that show you along with other longhairs. You will also be given a Web Page at which will contain more detailed information and be just about you.

  3. Please submit the following information so we can build your Gallery listing and Web Page. Items are required unless noted as optional.


Your photo for the Gallery

Your photo must show your face well enough for you to be recognized. If it is a centimeter in diameter on your screen (about the size of your thumb nail) that is big enough. If it shows 2/3 of your face in a frontal view or the 1/2 one sees in a side view, that shows enough. Your photo must show that you have hair long enough to fall upon your shoulders, and the more hair we see, the better! Your photo should be within the last four years and it should show your hair and beard as they are now. Please send your photo as you have it, without processing it in any way. Each time that happens it loses quality, and we'd rather do that once here. We only accept photos of your face and hair. Please do not send caricatures, sketches, or avatars (cartoon characters).

Please find your photo on your computer (2 megs max.):

Your photo for your Web Page

The above photo will be resized and cropped to just show your face for the Gallery. If that photo, as submitted, is okay for your Web Page, submit no photo here, and we will reuse it on your Web Page. If that photo is too small for your Web Page, or if you want another photo there, you may submit that second photo here.

Optional. Please find your photo on your computer (2 megs max.):

After you are listed, you may add one or two more photos to your Web Page if you wish, by e-mailing them to the webmaster (for a total of 3 maximum).

General requirements for all site photos are that they include your head, and that they show no other people other than your partner, or people in the distance.

Your name

Your real name, your nickname, whatever you go by:

Your city

Listing your city is optional:

Your location

Enter your state, province, territory, or DC if in the US or Canada. Enter your country otherwise:

Your description in the gallery

Tell others about yourself. Limit is about what will fit in the box:

Your e-mail address

Your e-mail address is required, although it will not be displayed on the web site due to your entering it here. People who wish to write you will be routed through the mail server (info):


Your off-site personal web page URL

Optional. A link to it will appear on your Web Page:

Your year of birth:

Your height:

Your weight:

Your eye color:

Your hair color:

Your hair type:

Your hair length

If you have curly hair, you may pull down on it before answering this:

Sexually attracted:

Primary sexual interest

Optional. Here is a place to indicate "Top", "Bottom", "Versatile", "Cuddling", "Cumming into hair", or whatever turns you on most!

Relationship status:

The text of your Web Page

Here is where you get to tell others about yourself. Tell about your hobbies or other interests. Mention what you seek in others (friends, dating, play, etc.). You can include ways to contact you here, such as IM names, etc. If you want your e-mail address to actually be shown, you can include it again here. Leave one completely blank line between parts that you want to be in separate paragraphs. HTML tags will not be processed by the system, so just enter ordinary text. Please be sure your "caps lock" key is not on before entering data, and we recommend you use ordinary capitalization and spelling. You want to make your best impression here! You are limited to 3000 characters, which is about three times what will fit in the box:


Your ZIP or postal code

This will not be shown on the site. We may in the future have a feature to locate others near yourself, and this will be used for that. If your country does not have postal codes, please enter the word 'none':

Your preferred user name for login

It must be 2 to 8 lower case letters. It will appear as part of your Web Page's address (URL). We suggest you submit three choices, separated by commas, in case your first choices are in use. We recommend you use your first name, or something similar:

Choose a password

It must be 5 to 8 numbers and/or lower case letters:

Send me e-mails of bulletin board posts:

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