Gay Longhair Bulletin Board


"Admirers" are welcome to post on our bulletin board, but to join our gallery, you must be a longhair. We have created this page because some applicants have had problems grasping the definition, and it will save both us and you time if you are aware of the definition before applying.

We define "a longhair" as a man whose hair is long enough to fall upon his shoulders. Hair merely touching the shoulders or the collar does not qualify; the hair must fall from the head to the shoulders and then be long enough to lie upon the shoulders to a substantial degree.

This length is chosen because it is the length at which members of the public begin to refer to a man as a longhair. It is also generally the length at which most of one's hair will go into a ponytail, and a man has completed his journey through "the awkward stage" at this time.

Although most longhairs feel this definition is obvious to the point that it is intuitive, we've found that men first growing out their hair have not grasped the definition so easily and have often applied to join our gallery before they meet the definition. Therefore, we have provided sketches to illustrate the point:

Note that the definition is not much at all about what happens on top of the head, and is very much about what happens on top of the shoulders. To qualify for the site, your hair must meet this definition as it lies and is normally seen by others (in other words, you can't pull down on curly hair or take other temporary means at the moment to "qualify"). Being perceived as a longhair, 24/7/365, by others, is a mind- and identity-altering experience, and it is an experience we all share, and we require you share.

When you submit your photos at least one of them must show your hair is long enough to meet the definition while also showing your face well enough for you to be recognized. If you have a photo which you've been customarily submitting to several sites, review it carefully because it may not show your hair and therefore suffice here. You may have a great ponytail, but we won't see it behind your back! You may need to provide us a different photo than the one you usually use. Our site visitors want to see your hair!

If you frequently wear a hairpiece, you may include a photo showing it as an "additional photo", but your main photo must show your hair without it, and the hair shown in that photo must meet the definition.

To save our time and yours, submissions received which do not meet these requirements will be discarded without comment.

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